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Okey, I'm so lazy, so I was pass last week. But now there is new post in English. Now it is for Danymoon. She asked about movies. "What about movies? You often told us about book, music, fanfiction ofc, so what about films? Genres, actors and so on?"

At the beginning I want to say that I like movies. All movies, really. I like melodramas, comedies, actions, horrors... So, maybe horrors I don't like very much cause they are very terrible. :-D
I like to go to the cinema with friends, to buy a bucket of popcorn and a big glass of cola. But I also like to watch movies at home on my netbook under the blanket, with a cat and with big, really big earphones.
About genres... I don't know what genre is my favourite. I like fantasy very much. You know, HP, The Lord of the Rings etc. Such films are very... global. Or entertainment, you know. And music... Music is really the best!
Also I like melodramas, too. I like good cartoons. But only good))

Ok, I understand. It's an inspiration! :-D The most interesting for me are screen version of books. I love them. I like to compare book and movie. And to choose what is better. It maybe any genre, any book. It maybe a detailed version or version "on a modern harmony". My favourite screen versions are (oh, my pure bad memory!) "HP", of course, "Cruel intentions", "The Lord of the rings", "The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy", "Sherlock Holmes" with Livanov, " Memoirs of a Geisha", all versions of "Poirot" and other Christie's books, "The Hours", "Sense & Sensibility", " Pride & Prejudice" and aaaaall versions of Osten's and Bronte's stories, etc, etc, etc... I really like screen versions.))

Also into a list of my personal best enter such films as "Love Actually" (to cry in a pillow at Christmas and about Alan Rickman), "Lily of the valley silvery"??? (it the promt's translation of "Ландыш серебристый")) (to cry in a pillow when I think about him), "Scent of a Woman" (to cry in a pillow about Al Pacino), "99 francs" (to cry in a pillow about my profession), "Step Up" (to cry in a pillow about my deceased love of dancing), "Schindler's List" (to cry in a pillow about imperfection of the world), "Coyote Ugly" (to cry in a pillow about beautiful life. And the main actor, of course)), "Mamma Mia" (to cry in a pillow BECAUSE IT'S ABBA!!!!1 And Meryl Streep)), "Hachiko: A Dog's Story" (to cry in a pillow about pure animals), "Trainspotting" (to cry in a pillow about my past), "Up" (to cry in a pillow because it's the best cartoon in the world), "Titanic" (to cry in a pillow. You know, everyone do it), "The Truman Show" (to cry in a pillow because it's so truthful), "The Holiday" (to cry in a pillow because there's Jack Black Jack Black JACK BLACK!!!1)/

I think, there is much more films (and much more tears), but it is what I remember)

Also I like some serials such as "Lie to Me" and "Bones".

And my favourite actors are Alan Rickman, Jack Black and Meryl Streep.

That's all, I think)))

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2012-02-20 в 06:10 

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I would like to suggest you watch "Interstate 60", "Mr. Nobody" and "Truman Show", if you haven't seen them yet. They're all quite different, but each one has an inspiring subtext, I reckon, so hopefully, you'll like it.
Concerning TV shows (serials) I would advise you 'Scrubs" (the one I can't get asleep without being on), "Skins" (only British, only the 1st generation, 'cos the American/next ones are crap) - and sure, watch them all (as well as any others) with subtitles your English to get better. But if you decide to watch 'Skins', be ready British accent to blow up your ears and make them bleed. I still can't get used to it. :nerve:


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